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How to Find Out How Old Your Cat Is


 How to Find Out How Old Your Cat Is

How to Find Out How Old Your Cat Is

A cat's age is one of the many mysteries surrounding a recently acquired or rescued animal. If you want to know how old your cat really is and how to develop a care program to give it the best possible chance for a long and healthy life, see a veterinarian. To get an idea of the cat's age, a vet should do a full body exam on the cat. However, veterinarians prefer to focus on a few specific body areas during this examination.


  • Teeth appear in kittens between the ages of 2 and 4 weeks, making them a great gauge of a kitten's age. During the kitten's first three to four months of life, permanent teeth form above baby teeth, and they will begin to displace the baby teeth (also called deciduous teeth). By the time a cat is 6 months old, all of its adult teeth are in, and its development is no longer a reliable way to estimate its age.

  • It is also possible to tell how old a cat is by the amount of discoloration or tartar that has built up on its teeth. Tartar, on the other hand, may not be a reliable predictor if the cat's caretaker is diligent in providing a dental care regimen, especially now that pet teeth cleaning solutions are widely accessible. Because of this, although teeth are an excellent way to estimate the age of a cat or kitten, they aren't perfect.

Mature Sexual

  • As early as six months old, male cats are sexually mature. Territorial spraying of urine testicles becomes more evident throughout puberty.
  • Although the duration of daylight and the cat's weight have some influence on when the queen has her first estrus cycle, female cats normally experience their first heat (estrus cycle) between 5 and 9 months of age When a female cat is in estrus, she will show it by acting and vocalizing a lot. Between the ages of 18 months and 8 years, female cats are most fertile; but, depending on her lifestyle, she may get pregnant much sooner or later.
  • However, an increasing number of veterinarians are now recommending spaying and neutering both cats and dogs as early as possible. The procedure is also easier on the cats when they're younger, which helps avoid pregnancies at an early age, which may be stressful for both the moms and the kittens. As a result, figuring out a cat's age might be more difficult.

Development of the Coat

  • Unlike a kitten, a cat's coat becomes thicker and coarser as it matures. It may also undergo a color shift, going from a deeper tint to a lighter one. Even as a cat ages, it may acquire patches of white or gray hair, similar to what happens to people as they become older. The coat may help a vet estimate a cat's age, but it's not 100% accurate.
  • It's also possible to tell how old a cat just by looking at how well it takes care of itself. Cats are very meticulous about grooming, but as they become older, or if they have dental or arthritic issues, they may become less so.


  • The eyes of healthy kittens and cats are exceptionally clear and brilliant throughout their maintenance years, with little indication of tears or discharge. It's possible that older cats' eyes may get clouded, and they may even have tears and/or discharge. When a cat reaches this stage, it is generally at least 10 years old.